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Hey, My name is Cameron Rennie, the man behind the lens of “The Continuous Portrait Project” which is a photography project I started about 4 years ago. My primary focus as a photographer is black and white portraiture. I feel like this is where I cut my teeth and made a name for myself as a photographer. Thus far I have shot upwards of 250 portraits of various people, artists and business owners around Scotland and I’m on a constant mission to add to that number.


I also work as a photographer and am available for commission work or hire. The bulk of my professional career has been spent working for a sustainable cargo bike delivery firm called “Farr Out Delivery’s” where I currently work as a resident photographer. This job has allowed me to interact and shoot with a large number of businesses around the city. I also work for hire and have a big back catalogue of work from portraiture to product photography and more.


I love photography and I love what I do both in regard to my professional and personal work, but furthermore, I love people. I love experiencing new people from different walks of life and from different backgrounds, cultures and countries. People are fantastic and documenting them just the way they are on the day makes me genuinely happy. The Continuous Portrait Project isn’t a showcase of my photography, but instead my love letter to the people I meet every single day. To paraphrase from the late, great Robert Blomfield It’s about them not me, the people make the photographs. All I do is operate a camera.

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"Cammy came to us as part of his work for Farr Out Deliveries; he was fantastically kind and friendly, making me feel very easy and comfortable with getting my photograph taken. The actual shoot was super informal and relaxed, and after seeing the finished photographs, I can say with some confidence that he must be a little bit magic for making me look glorious." 

Pete Allison / Co-Founder / Woven Whisky

"I was lucky enough to first work with Cameron on his Continuous Portrait Project. He was very professional and actually made the experience fun. I’m not one for having my photo taken but it felt like I’d known him for ages, it was that relaxed and casual. After seeing the finished photos I asked him to do a shoot for my entire studio. Everyone enjoyed it, even those that were initially hesitant to take part and his shots have already been used in various publications to accompany interviews and artist profiles. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

David Corden / Owner / Semper Tattoo

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